Argument Essay Structure: 7 Things You Need To Know

There are a few ways that you can structure your argument essay, here are some of the basic ways collected by writing professionals from IBuyEssay:

  • Structure 1
    • Introduction
    • Other sides point of view then back to your side
    • Second argument
    • Weak argument
    • Strongest argument
    • Conclusion
  • Structure 2
    • Introduction
    • Best argument
    • Weak argument
    • Another strong argument and talk about another side
    • Talk about the other side
    • Conclusion
  • Structure 3
    • Introduction
    • Other side, your side, and back
    • Other side, weak point, and back
    • Other side, strong point at the end
    • Conclusion

These are all of the ways that you can structure your argument essay but there are some things you need to know to make sure that your argument is strong and logical.

7 Things You Need to Know

  • Are you being general without the right amount of information on the topic?
  • Is your argument stereotyping or analogies or based on similar facts?
  • Are they cause and effect or are related to something else?
  • Are the enough options for your argument?
  • Does your conclusion logical to the argument?
  • Are you using too much emotion?
  • Are your facts based on opinion?

This list will tell you everything that should be considered when you are starting or writing your paper. These question will keep you on track so you can gather all of the right information to back up your topic because facts are what your argument should be based on not your opinion.

How to Write Your Essay

  • You want to start by picking your topic and researching all of the information.
  • Then you want to create an outline with all of the information that you collected, this will help you compose it later.
  • Next, write the paper and include all of the information that you found on the topic and cover both sides of the argument.
  • Lastly, you want to edit it and ask yourself those seven questions to see if you need to add to take out information in your paper.

This is a complete guide from beginning to end on how to structure and write your argument assignment. And you can use some of this information for other papers that you write. And if you do all of the suggestions on this list, you will definitively create one of the best papers on an argument topic and you also need to make sure you pick a topic that has an argument from both sides and that has enough information on it.