A Collection Of Interesting Narrative Essay Prompts

If you should write a personal narrative essay, you won’t lack great ideas. Your life consists of lots of interesting facets, and each of them is worth your attention and can be developed into a strong narrative topic. If you are still at a loss what to write about, read the following tips and get inspired from an extensive collection of interesting prompts.

How to Come Up with the Best Narrative Essay Topic

As an expository piece of writing, a narrative paper should inform others about something. A personal narrative paper gives you a chance to think about your life and reveal something interesting about yourself. Therefore, take the following steps to create the best suitable topic of yours:

  • Think about your past;
  • Think about the people surrounding you;
  • Consider your habits, dreams, and expectations;
  • Analyze your plans for the future;
  • Sort out your memories.

Afterward, narrow down your broad topic ideas by reading the following specific prompts.

Inspiring Narrative Essay Prompts to Choose From

  • Was there a toy you dreamt of as a child but didn’t get? What was it? Why did your parents refuse to buy it? Why did you want it so much?
  • Are there any things that can describe your life? What are they? How can these objects tell your personal history?
  • Have you ever been given any nicknames? What have they been? Why have you been called this way?
  • If you could return to your past, what moment would you choose? Why?
  • Have you learned any interesting skill as a teenager? What is it? Do you appreciate this knowledge?
  • Are there any things in your life you are grateful for? What are they?
  • How do you understand the concept of “family”? Is your family a good model to follow? What family would you like to build in the future?
  • Are you close to your parents? Do you share your secrets with your mum or dad? If not, why?
  • Can you tell the story of your name? Do you like it? Does it fit your personality? Why did your parents choose this name in particular?
  • Do you like your native town? What is it famous for? Do you want to live here for the rest of your life?
  • Are you a good or a bad person? What is your perception of being good or bad?
  • How often do you take challenges? Do you welcome challenges in your life or do you avoid being challenged?
  • Is there much stress in your life? What makes you stressed out and how do you overcome the problem?