Understanding Different Essay Types

There are so many Types of English essays. The Types of English essays are determined by a variety of reasons. The different Types of English essays may vary depending on the language used to write them. For example, when you use descriptive language as opposed to an argumentative kind of language, the two types of languages make up different Types of English essays. The purpose of writing the essay also determines the different Types of English essays. Sometimes the different Types of English essays are defined according to the length of the essay. The different Types of English essays can also be determined by the academic level of the writer.


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There are a variety of types of essay. At our website you will be able to see what they entail in order to know what principles to apply when writing any of them. Here are a few of the commonly written types of essays.

Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay as the name suggests is written to argue a certain point. In an argumentative essay, the writer purposely writes in order to convince the reader to adopt a certain concept by showing the limitations of the others that are there. This means that apart from stating their stand with regards to the subject matter, the writer has to also present the counter arguments that are against their own take. You can learn more about this at our website.

Comparative essay

A comparative entails two or more phenomenon or concept to the reader with the intention of comparing and contrasting them. Unlike in an argumentative essay, the purpose here is not to convince the reader to buy any idea rather, it’s to simply inform them of the existing disparities among concepts or things.

Descriptive essay

As the name suggests, the purpose here is to describe something to the reader. The writer aims at describing something until they create a vivid mental image in the reader’s mind. A descriptive essay can be written about real things and events or based purely on fiction. Mostly these essays make a very interesting read.