Directions For Students Searching For Persuasive Essay Examples

In order for a persuasive essay to be effective, it is important that you use the right tone. You must be factual and authoritative, without coming across in a negative way. For a student who does not know this balance yet, it can be very helpful to look up persuasive essay examples. Even experienced writers at Write Zillas do so. Here is what you need to do to find the examples.

  • Step #1: Speak to your librarian or teacher
  • A great place to start looking for research paper examples is with your librarian or teacher. They may have examples from past students that have appropriate tone. If you do choose this option, make sure that you are choosing a unique topic. You do not want your teacher or librarian feeling as if asked for samples to cheat instead of doing the work yourself.

  • Step #2: Search for examples online
  • As you search for essay examples online, it is important that you be sure your information comes from a reliable source. Some of best places to look include online libraries, academic websites, and authoritative sites like Purdue. The reason you must check the credibility of your source is that it can be hard to trust what you read online. You may come across blogs that offer examples- though these are not authoritative. They may use different tone and elements than what your teacher is expecting.

  • Step #3: Read the examples to get a feel for the tone
  • After you have gathered examples from a few different sources, read through to get an understanding of the tone that was used. Pay close attention to specific words and phrases that are used to affect the tone of the essay. You can make a list of these to use later. If you have any questions, be sure to refer to the guidelines your teacher provided. Ultimately, it is the way they feel about your essay that determines your grade.

  • Step #4: Incorporate what you have learned into your essay
  • After you have gathered your information, it is time to put it to use. As you write your paper, pay attention to the words and phrases that you are using. Try to include some of those that you came across in the research paper examples that you found. After you have finished, read through to check the clarity of what you wrote. Pay close attention to your word choice and the overall tone of the paper.